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Hey there. My name is Milou Van Dijk and I'm the Creator and CEO of Cleaning Service Amsterdam. Back in 2018, I chose to leave my accounting job and begin my own cleaning business. I left a well-paying job with excellent prospects to start over on my own in what I knoew was one the most competitive industries. I did this because I saw the opportunity. I took a look at the market and saw the possibility to do things in a different way. A better method. In general, cleaning staff are paid badly, are given little or no training, and are rarely supported by any management. Profession paths are non-existent. They are frequently dealt with as second-class residents. They are treated unfairly. In a people-driven market where your staff defines the quality of your service, I believe this is insanity. So I set out on my journey with one core belief: if we take care of our staff, they will take care of our clients. Seriously, taking care of our people is not pricey. Appreciation is totally free. Communication is simple. Honesty is natural. And it works. I started on my kitchen table by day and in my rubber gloves in the evening to get things going. Today we have grown into a business powered by our core principles: recognition, dependability, genuineness, peace of mind and thoughtful. With respect and happiness in mind, I am proud to call Cleaning Service Amsterdam an acknowledged professional service provider. Our staff is the biggest blessing we have, so to get the best from them we must treat them fairly and pay them properly. We have enhanced the lives of many cleaners who, in turn, have made many clients' lives easier. I hope you will become the next among those clients.

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