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Cleaning Service Amsterdam is honored to provide services to and clean houses, schools, and offices in the Amsterdam region and surrounding cities of Duivendrecht, Diemen, Amstelveen, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Tuindorp Oostzaan, Kadoelen, Landsmeer, Abcoude, Weesp, Muiden, Oostzaan, Halfweg, Zaandam, Zaanstad, Zwanenburg

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The booking process is really effortless: You are at all times totally free to pick whether you wish to schedule a single cleaning or a more frequent and scheduled cleaning. If it’s a one-time clean simply let us know when and what you need to be done and we will personalize a team to get the task right. And if you would like a repeating scheduled cleaning then pick your ideal frequency, duration of the cleaning service and date, and time. According to your location and individual details, we will send out the best cleaner for your needs. The last action is to provide your payment details. Payment is deducted after the cleaning is completed. Become our customer in Amsterdam find booking quality cleaning services with our cleaners to be quick and easy.

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More than just becoming pleasing to the eye, a tidy home or office helps keep your family, employees, or customers safe from sicknesses. An unsanitary or improperly cleaned house or establishment can quickly end up being a sanctuary for bacteria, mold, viruses like Covid-19, and dirt, which can lead to health hazards to everyone who enters.

By working with expert cleaners, you can feel confident that your house or office is kept clean so it keeps irritants and dirt away. Aside from removing the dirt, expert cleaners sterilize specific locations to stop bacteria and viruses like Covid-19 from spreading and to keep your house or business safe and relaxing to look at. Become a customer and find booking quality cleaning services with our cleaners in Amsterdam is easy.

Whether its a single project or a recurrently scheduled job our Amsterdam Cleaning Services will make your home or local business shine!

We take pride in our work and work to provide you personalized plans to fit your goals, unlike other cleaning business we value each of our clients as individuals and work hard to give you precisely what you call for.

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Book the perfect cleaning plan by filling out the contact form online. We know that a good House Cleaning experience is much more than just booking online. Not being able to communicate with the Cleaners is frustrating. Maybe you have special instructions that are important to the Cleaners while cleaning the floors in your home. Not all professional Cleaning Services in Amsterdam are English Speaking. Our cleaners are English speaking as well as Dutch-speaking so we can provide you the best possible cleaning experience. Become a valued customer and find booking quality cleaning services with our cleaners in Amsterdam is easy.

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Many people invest most of their waking hours at work. While lots of businesses use a cleaning company, the real cleaning carried out is often very little, with a fast vacuum and emptying of garbage. Deeper dirt, dust, irritants, and pathogens remain in carpets, on blinds, and deep within the upholstery of workplace furniture. Booking a Cleaning in Amsterdam with us is easy when you’re our customer.

There are significant advantages of working with a professional Cleaning Service in Amsterdam for the cleaning of your house. Like we said earlier, some of the best benefits of having our expert cleaners do all the clearing for you is making sure your house is sanitized so your family is safe without you having to spend any time doing it yourself. Become a customer and discover how simple it is to book the perfect services with us right here in Amsterdam. Never think twice to invest some Euros on the well being of your home.

Likewise, when you know that your house is in the best hands, you’ll be a lot less stressed out and worried about the result of this procedure. Getting the cleaning responsibility out of the way gives you a psychological clarity, and allows you to just focus on the things you need to take care of.

Getting this distraction over with and letting the work be done by a few of the most qualified and competent professionals in the market provides you the much-needed peace of mind, and focuses your mind on more significant jobs ahead. Many of the times when we choose to do your house cleaning job ourselves rather of working with the specialists, we wind up leaving the dirtiest parts of house that are typically inaccessible, or merely out of your eye sight.

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Finding the right cleaning company in Amsterdam

When you are searching for an expert House Cleaning Service to work with to keep your house clean, it is important to ask yourself what the advantages are to having an expert doing the cleaning rather of doing it yourself. A customer of ours will find its simple to book the right services here in Amsterdam with us. You might think that a cleaning services is too expensive or they won’t understand the special circumstances or techniques need for your home. But our Cleaning Company is here to assure that that is not the case!

The most crucial benefit you will receive is that your house will be sanitized and beautifully clean, which is something that your entire household deserves. Everyone in The Netherlands lead very hectic lives nowadays, and its hard to get anything done. So when are you going to have time to clean? Hiring our Cleaners can provide you peace of mind now that you don’t need to stress about the cleaning and it will free up more of your schedule so that you can spend it with loved ones or doing basically anything else you would rather do than clean.

If you plan to work with our regularly scheduled House Cleaning Services you will no longer need to stress about keeping cleaning supplies in your home. That is due to the fact that all our professional cleaning specialists bring the right supplies and equipment with them. You can keep some cleaners on hand if you wish to do a bit of touch up, however you won’t use nearly as much cleaning supplies because you won’t have to.

Let us do the dirty work

Cleaning sucks, no one wants to do it themselves. Paying for a cleaning service means that a paid specialist will come to your house to do the job so you don’t have to anymore. When you clean your own home it’s a headache, and most of us stress about doing it, so most people rush through and miss spots. We never rush, but we don’t move slow either, when cleaning for our customers.

We also offer single cleanings. Maybe a holiday is coming up and friends or family are visiting from out of town. Will they want to stay at your house, or maybe you will be hosting the party. Whether its a 1 or 4 bedroom house that needs to be cleaned, you probably are going o want to have a intensive cleaning done prior to their arrival so that the whole house is sanitized and clean. As a customer in Amsterdam you’ll find our cleaners make your floors shine. Call us and will do all the work for you so you can relax and enjoy the time with energy. You can also call us for the clean up once they leave as well.

With everyone leading busy lives more free time is hard to come by. More free time is a huge reason why you may want to pay a Cleaning Company to clean your house for you. It gives you increased leisure time! Rather than spending a number of hours each week cleaning your house, you can instead spend this time on things you have actually been delaying. Possibly you do not have something specific that must get done, however the cleaning is still not something you wish to do. It doesn’t matter why, just call us and we’ll take care of the dirty work.

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Reduce your stress levels

Maybe you just need more rest. Adequate rest in a clean living space can provide you increased energy for all tasks and relationships in your life. With so many people coming and going all of the time they will be constantly introducing and spreading lots of bacteria and viruses. If you keep your house sanitized and clean it will reduce and reduce bacteria that can lead to you and your household to become ill. Nowadays a sanitized living environment is a must.

Even little touch-ups can help to decrease the accumulation of germs that can happen in simply a number of days. Perhaps you believe you understand your home much better than a cleaning expert. That might be real, nevertheless, there are things in your house that you most likely have a tendency to overlook because those are locations you don’t like cleaning or do not know how to clean, such as your ceiling fans.

A professional will guarantee that everything is cleaned up that requires it. From cats and dogs to rats and birds, family pets can all trigger your place to smell bad. Having a clean house will eliminate those smells coming from your family pets. There are few things worse than visitors stopping by and your house stinks like messy birdcage or foul-smelling cat litter. Our cleaners will take care of that for you. 

We have all done this. There are some things that require to be cleaned that we are too lazy to handle. Whether it is wiping down all of your baseboards, or dusting your chandelier, you hate doing it. As a customer you’ll find our Amsterdam cleaners make your floors sparkle. When you work with experts you can tell them precisely what requires to be done.

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How much does it cost to have your place deep cleaned?

So, you should book our Cleaning Service to thoroughly clean your house a minimum of every few months to keep the environment sanitary. We make sure to get all the hard to reach places and heavy traffic areas cleaned that you might have missed or just plain hate doing. When you’re cleaning your house yourself, there are always spots and areas you’ll talk yourself out of doing. But the dirt and germs pile up quickly. The price is really going to vary depending on how many rooms and overall size so its best to talk with us about it than to search on the internet for price. Plan on being impressed by our services. 

There is another area where our cleaning service can save you some bucks. If you’re moving out of a rental home, there’s a big possibility that your property manager would examine the quality and cleanliness of you house. He may employ a cleaning service himself, get your house cleaned up and cut the charges from your advance deposit amount if he discovers your house filthy. But you never know who he is actually hiring and if he is being honest about how much it costs. By using our Cleaning Company you find that you are in control and have proof your house was cleaned by the professionals. As a valued customer you’ll quickly find our cleaners make all your floors look great again.

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No more time will be wasted on dreading doing things that you hate to do given that another person is doing it now. Maybe you start in your kitchen and then arbitrarily move through your home since you believe that works. Nevertheless, you may be doubling or tripling your work.

They can work more efficiently, thanks to their system, to get the task done in much less time. It took some time for your place to develop into your what it is today. You have furniture, tiles, and appliances that are all made out of numerous products, so you definitely can’t utilize the very same cleaner on all of them.

Specialists understand what cleaners to utilize on things and what items ought to be avoided. That will make sure that everything in your house remains in optimum condition. You may be disputing on whether or not you should work with a professional cleaning services to maintain your house.

Although you can clean your house on your own, working with an expert cleaning services may be in your best interest in certain situations, like preparing your home for sale, moving out of the rental arrangement and far more. Are you presently thinking of hiring a professional service for house cleaning? Our Move Out Service can make sure you get more of your deposit back.

Amsterdam Cleaning Service FAQ

Most frequent customer questions and answers about cleaners in Amsterdam

The national average fee of home cleaning services is €15 to €50 per hr per cleaner. The total price depends on the overall size of the household, kind of cleaning, and where you live. A three-bedroom, 185 m2 residence costs on average €120 for a standard clean and approximately €250 for deep scrubbing, while a one-bedroom home starts at €80 to €110 for a common clean.

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This includes dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, as well as mopping the floorings in all spaces. Cleaning up the bathrooms, including mirrors, toilets, showers, and also baths. Cleaning the cooking area, including scrubbing home appliances, counters, sinks, and cupboard doors. Washing as well as drying dishes and putting them away.

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Each “Deep Clean” includes the “Basic Clean” with specific focus and concentration on build-up, and also the following: Ceiling fan blades scrubbed, Lighting fixtures hand scrubbed in place but not removed unless asked to do so, Blinds and shades vacuumed or hand cleaned, Mini-Blinds dusted and washed, Moldings, wood trim, and window sills hand washed or wiped, Baseboards hand scrubbed or wiped that are able to be reached w/out needing to move furnishings, Lamps and lampshades cleaned or vacuumed with necessary accessories, Picture frames and knick-knacks hand wiped, Furniture polished and fronts, sides, legs and scrubbed or vacuumed depending on the material, Stovetop and leak pans cleaned, All Cupboard fronts washed, All doors washed, Light switch plates scrubbed, Counter tops and backsplashes washed, Mirrors cleaned all the way to top, Tub/Shower tiles double scrubbed if the build-up is bad, Trash cans emptied, cleaned, and relined, all the beds made, Stairways vacuumed if carpeted and scrubbed if wood, Floors vacuumed and/or mopped this includes closets, & the vacuuming of all carpet crevices where bugs, pet hair, carpet and fibers gather.

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The normal fee for business cleaning service is from€30 to €50 per hour depending on the number of employees needed, whether its a normal or deep cleaning, and the specifics of what needs to be done. For a smaller office (one up to around 300m2) most cleaning business charge a minimum of around €80 to €120 per visit. Standard Commercial Cleaning Services will include washing the most-touched surfaces, counters, tables, desks, dusting, vacuuming, and clearing the garbage.

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Commercial cleaning is a general term for an individual or company that supplies cleaning services for companies such as business offices, shops, factories, bars, and dining establishments. Some commercial cleaning companies will also provide domestic cleaning services for houses.

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The significant difference between these types of cleanings, as their names indicate, is where the cleaning take place. Domestic cleaning happens in a residential environment. On the other hand, business cleaning happens in a larger, business area. Luckily we focus on both. So no matter what you need to have done we are the right people for the job!

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